Friday, May 21, 2010

Woodsterman Takes A Vacation ... Part 8

We're back in California. The name of the town we're in is called Hiouchi. It's next to Jedediah Smith State Park. We'll be walking there tomorrow to see the redwood grove there. Across the road from the RV park is a redwood burl place. I always go in there every time we're here. I usually buy some redwood or maple burl, but I held off this time. I have a large inventory at home. "Dust'n Lint" doesn't need to spend more money at this time.

The last shot of the Oregon coast as we were leaving.
The entrance the burl store.
Some of their own handy work.
A "small" stack of burl slabs.
The inside of their store where they sell their own work.


  1. Dood ... don't you find it eerie that Google can track your vacation? I mean, not only does every pedophile who visits your blog know how much you like to post photos of fat naked men, now they know where you like to spend your idle time.

    I'd be friggin' worried, man. Really friggin' worried.

  2. Nice pics! I like your woodworking better than the burl stuff! Stay safe and have fun tomorrow.

  3. Bunni, will do. If it ever stops raining we'll head to the Redwood Grove here.


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