Monday, May 31, 2021

It's Memorial Day


Hi all, As a strictly American holiday, Memorial Day

is as much American as Mom's Apple Pie. This is something

your statue tearing down crowd will never understand. We

honor those who gave everything so that the rest of us can

enjoy our freedoms. 

This day, like all past Memorial Days, I personally honor my 

best friend growing up who's name is on the "Wall". His name

is "William Ivan Mercer". He lost his life shielding another

from enemy fire while tending his wounds. He was a Navy Medic

attached to the Marines. 

So, today this Vietnam Veteran, solutes Bill and all of his brother

and sister souls in Heaven. God Bless You and Thank You! 

Bill's Pallbearers. I would be the one in uniform.  

The Wall

I can feel every gut wrenching tear

Too Many So Young

My President Honoring Memorial Day