Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh Those Walmart People Again .... #3

Well you know what they say everything is smarterclassiersexierless offensive, bigger in Texas .
HAHAHA. It's funny because he is in the mop section and his head/hair looks like a mop! Thats just good imagery.


I have to assume that for some reason no matter where he goes Dueling Banjos just starts playing from out of nowhere.

Someone go tell this guy what just hanging out actually means.


  1. Glad we don't have WalMart in the UK .....

    I just went over to your "Why I am Called Woodsterman" page. Great work! :o)

  2. Lady, WalMart is an adventure.

    Thank you for looking at my page. Ah, but the truly brave will visit the blog and web site ... Shameless promotion, huh?


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