Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh Those Walmart People Again .... #4

I see you got your little doggie backpack there. I wish I could be as happy as that dog is. Seriously, he looks absolutely psyched to be there! No wonder those little dogs just yip and bite everyone. I would literally tear someones face off if I had to ride around in a papoose all day.

He was actually just sitting there smoking cigarettes for like 45 minutes until he finally realized it wasnt a video poker game.

You look like a former WWF wrestler that wants to eat me, and I like that about you! By the way, in between eating people you must be the COOLEST dude in the world, because that chick is smokin.

Hahaha! Look at the skinny, small, elderly guy with the Born to Kill shirt. Hahaha! Yeah, you go ahead and test him tough guy, cause I've never seen a person killed by a 2 liter bottle of Squirt before, and I've decided that's something that I want to see.


  1. If you do see him take somebody out with that 2-liter, please put it up for all of us to enjoy! Ha! Love the guy trying to play poker.. just the sort anyone would want to hire!

  2. Velcro, they did hire him, didn't they?


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