Saturday, May 22, 2010

Of The Weasel Family ....

The one on the left is my buddy Pen who
is a ferret. The one on the right we know
as a pure weasel. They do look quite a bit
alike ... sorry Pen.


  1. The resemblance is striking.
    Pen is MUCH cuter, plus he's not a lying
    commie who steals and spends our money like drunken crack-heads!

    Give Pen extra treats for having to pose next to
    that horrible harry!

  2. Bunni, I will give extra treats for biting Waxman.

  3. I'd take up a collection to support Pen the rest of his life if he bit Waxman! You also need to be careful that airhead animal rights activists don't start harassing you for this, Odie!

  4. Odie,
    You just gotta paint WBI (Weasel Bureau of Investigation) on Pen's "vest".

  5. Velcro, You're right, They'd give me a really bad time for giving it to Waxman.

  6. Supi, We'll see if Pending's mom and dad (My son and daughter in law) can get him dressed properly.

  7. Pen needs to go to Congress. I'm sure his votes will be far more insightful than Waxman's.

  8. The "racist" attacks are not going to work. You liberals/progressives keep up with the "racist" attacks against all conservatives, libertarians, tea partiers, and anyone who disagrees with Obama, and your losses in November will be greater than you can imagine. So please, continue.......
    It always amuses me when the leftwing guys try to tell us what the right thinks.

  9. Larry, welcome aboard. Pen could indeed do a much better job than Waxman. Where is that idiots district? Those voters are really the ones needing help.

  10. Malcontent, give those lefties the back of your hand. They're the ones thinking race all the time. We don't equate race with incompetence. We equate incompetence with liberal!


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