Friday, December 31, 2021

Skip Saves Friday For Woodsterman ~ 2


Thanks Again Skip!

Skip Saves Friday For Woodsterman ~ 1


Hi All, I'm so busy cleaning up snow I haven't had

time to get my own posting material.  So my good

Buddy Skip has bailed me out. Thank You Skip!

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

. . . And Now Some Wednesday Afternoon Skipisms


Thanks Skip!

Two Items This Post ...


All of you make it fun!
( yesterday about 3:00 PM)

As I'm sure you've heard the Lake Tahoe Area has been
visited by old Jack Frost. There have been a lot of inquiries
as to how I'm doing. Well, I'm as tired as hell. Two weeks ago
we received 4 feet of snow, and this last storm, you have
been hearing about, has been brutal. First day was 6" of
100 pound a shovel full wet crap. The next day brought us
a colder 2 feet, and the next 2 feet, and finally yesterday 3 feet.
I now live in a mobile home park, and there's just no
place to put it all. Thank goodness my roof is now shoveled.
 The Donner party ended up close to here you know.
Here are some pictures.
Here's my front yard ... What do you think?

Here's my next door neighbor's place.

Our street

Our street the other way

My driveway and side yard. There's a shed behind
my place I need to get to. Honda Snowblower - ATTACK!

Finally, this is the railing of the front deck.
That railing is six feet above the front yard.
This December has set an all time record. Donner
Summit has received 194 inches this December.