Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh Let's Call These Walmart Weddings

Just so there is no confusion "Wifey" is airbrushed right on your ass. 
 Now this is Classy 
   A veil might help
No white bridey stuff here
And again a hat/tip to:   



  1. Jeez, Odie, how do you do it? I keep coming back here for the guilty pleasure of it all..

    ..yet I know I am going to hate myself in the morning.

    Maybe a series on really obscenely tattooed women? Not what you're thinking; pictures that just scream of "that woman clearly does not realize that she will be 75 one day, will have sagging breasts, and will look like a mimeographed piece of paper left out in the morning dew.

  2. War Planner, I might have touched on that already. They're all starting to run together now. I have to look in the Woodsterman vault to see what surprises there are.

  3. Wow, look what I've been missing by staying single!
    Thanks for the H/T, again, Odie.

  4. I keep my bald head buffed by tipping hats Bunni.


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