Sunday, May 2, 2010

Motivational Posters ... Just For Fun #2

Thanks again to my silly friends ...


  1. Hi Odie, I'm glad you liked the Photo's....Jim always sends along the funniest stuff.

    I like the last one, with Lucky. I hope he didn't get eaten after his little "trick".
    Have a fun Sunday!

  2. Bunni, you got to laugh at the name "Lucky" ... I think it should be changed to dinner.

  3. Thanks Snarky, My favorite is the same as Bunni's ... You have to love that lucky. I think he's going to find out what a male black widow feels like.

  4. That first one would be enough to get him arrested and put on the sex-offenders list for life.

  5. Banned, we start them early over here.


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