Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh Let's Call These Walmart Weddings #4

The bride doing a kegstand.
Elvis actually looks the best of the bunch
This is dude is the Prince of the Mole Kingdom .


  1. Ahhhh, springtime and young love.
    I hope mole man doesn't have a broken back.

  2. Bunni, Ah yes springtime, I think ...

    It's still winter here (home now) and there was new snow on the ground.

    The mole man can dig his way out.

  3. The fat guy in the Star Trek outfit marrying the fatter chick in the -- black voodoo vampire princess dress (or whatever) gives me hope that they will mate and produce more of their kind.

    Why? (you ask)

    Because when the flesh-eating aliens land, THEY (and their offspring) will be the first course.

    P.S. Something tells me that they are both virgins.

  4. LL, damn you had fun with your comment, didn't you. Thank you so much for your wit. I so enjoyed it.


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