Wednesday, June 30, 2010

California vs. Arizona


The Governor of California is jogging with his dog along a nature trail. 
A coyote jumps out, bites the Governor and attacks his dog.

1. The Governor starts to intervene, but reflects upon the movie "Bambi" 
and then realizes he should stop; the coyote is only doing what is natural.
2. He calls animal control. Animal Control captures coyote and bills the 
State $200 testing it for diseases and $500 for relocating it.
3. He calls a veterinarian. The vet collects the dead dog and bills the 
State $200 testing it for diseases.
4. The Governor goes to hospital and spends $3,500 getting checked 
for diseases from the coyote and on getting his bite wound bandaged.
5. The running trail gets shut down for 6 months while Fish & Game 
conducts a $100,000 survey to make sure the area is free of 
dangerous animals.
6. The Governor spends $50,000 in state funds implementing a 
"coyote awareness" program for residents of the area.
7. The State Legislature spends $2 million to study how to better 
treat rabies and how to permanently eradicate the disease 
throughout the world.
8. The Governor's security agent is fired for not stopping the attack 
somehow and for letting the Governor attempt to intervene.
9. Additional cost to State of California : $75,000 to hire and train 
a new security agent with additional special training re: the nature
of coyotes. 

10. PETA protests the coyote's relocation and files suit against the State.


The Governor of Arizona is jogging with her dog along a nature trail. 
A Coyote jumps out, tries to bite her and attacks her dog.

1. The Governor shoots the coyote with her State-issued pistol and 
keeps jogging. The Governor has spent $0.55 on a .45 ACP hollow 
point cartridge.
2. The buzzards eat the dead coyote.

And that's why California is broke.

Thanks David


  1. Hi Odie, this makes perfect sense to me!
    Go, Arizona!

  2. Kristin, I, who live in California, can tell that's exactly right.

  3. 2nd example-AZ; As nature (the food chain) and the contitution (2nd ammendment) intended it to be.

  4. buzzard excretes waste that fertilizes a garden, produces new food!

  5. Righty, we can keep this sucker going for ever.

  6. Good explanation as to why Arizona rules and kicks butt over California any day of the week. (Sorry Odie but you have some nonsensical tax and spend Libs running your state).

  7. Teresa, don't apologize for telling it like it is.

  8. It couldn't be more simple!


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