Sunday, June 20, 2010

Parenting Skills IV

Behind every great child is a great parent....

The one above I wrestled with and good sense lost.

That's All Folks ...

Happy Fathers Day !

Thanks Dan


  1. Now Odie, The first I have no problem with, teach'em young,,lol

    The 2nd? Is that Taiwan?

    3rd, WTF?

    4TH, Obama money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5th, Good parenting,,keep them close and show them shit when needed!

  2. to quote Christopher..


    Look at the kids face and it says it all.

  3. #1- If she was going to let the kid pee in a bottle, she could have at least found a corner.

    #3- Mommy, what are you doing!? Poor kid will be traumatized for life.

  4. WTF, these were funny.
    No wonder the world is going to hell.

    I like the last pic best.
    The mama duck doesn't know it's standing there.
    Plus, it's not a libtard.
    Happy Father's Day, Odie.

  5. Kristin, do you think #3 might have had 1,2,3,or maybe even 4 cocktails (pardon the pun) before this "event"?

  6. Bunni, yes even in the animal world. Thank you for the good wishes.

  7. Wood, you have got to use this in your Great Kids/Great Parents series.

    Youtube suspended my account so I had to drop you the link here.

  8. I'm with Bunni. I like the last one best. Poor momma probably thinks she's standing on a pebble. Little duckling will likely be fine in a moment.

  9. I like the ducks best. Bet the kids in the 3rd photo favorite history story will be Lizzy Borden!

  10. Freakster, were you a bad boy at YouTube? I'll check it out.

  11. Opie, we like to think he'll be OK. At least he's not covered in oil.

  12. O.K., I gotta weigh in on this. As Opie and Bunni inferred, arguably, the mother duck is the least unskilled or maladroit parent in the collection.

    The shot of the lady, the children, pastries is shocking. Not that you ran the pic but that..

    ..well, you know. Sometime in the future, that little girl will run across a scrap book and/or across someone's Facebook and that enchanting moment will come rushing back to her.

    Just precious!

  13. Supi, Like everyone else, you like the ducks. I like Obama in his youth already taking his cut in Chicago.

  14. TWP, do you mean that isn't normal behavior after a dozen or so drinks?

  15. I wasn't bad, apparently after 6 months and 70,000 views somebody decided they didn't like my drunk people passed out video and reported it as harassment. Youtube pulled the video and suspended me for 2 weeks.

  16. Some people should NOT reproduce. Stop the mutation at its source. That's how I feel about barack hussein obama and whatever black man she took up with. (I'll bet anyone even odds that barack obama sr is not the baby's daddy)

  17. Mmmmm, cake! I'll bet it's cream filled.

  18. Little Obama at his prime at 3 years old, LL.

  19. Christ almighty!!!!


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