Friday, June 11, 2010

NewsBusted 6/11/10 ~


  1. Hey, Woodie (forgive the familiarity), I love Jodie Miller. Back when Clinton was in office, I had to commute home here in SoCal and listen to Stephanie> Miller -- a liberal counterpart -- on KFI as she did her afternoon drive show. Sure, she was funny, but it got tedious as the Clinton Fatigue built up.

    I like Jody because I kinda think her heart's not in it -- you know, it's just a gig -- but she's pissing off the libs with the jokes just the same.

    ..and, as far as I am concerned, anyone who pulls their shriveled-up winkies deserves our love.

    Besides, it's kinda sexy the way she tosses her mane around.

    Keep posting it because I come over here all the time and it saves a couple of keystrokes to go over to the NewsBusted site to see it.

    Peace out, bro. If you ever get to the 714, there's a beer waiting for you., I am dead serious!


  2. I get to the 714 about once a year TWP.

    There are quite a few of us that think Jodie is the greatest.


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