Saturday, June 26, 2010

Those Wacky Walmart Shoppers Again

Woodsterman has a busy weekend, so this
silliness was posted ahead of time just for you.
I think that triangle is a scratch-n-sniff. Go on, try it.
It's Valentines Day in Walmart
Well, if you are going to camp out and squat someplace, then right by the cash register seems smart. 
How much attention do you possibly crave that you feel the need to attach 3 air-horns to the top of a bike helmet?
Honestly, Somebody please get this mans mother and have her hug him for once!

Hat Tip to Bunni at ~ Amusing Bunni's Musings ~


  1. Quite the bounteous offering.

  2. I think that triangle is a scratch-n-sniff. Go on, try it.

    Oh God it was!
    That was awful!

  3. Walmart people have a special character that reassures me the gene pool is more polluted than the Gulf of Mexico.

  4. LL, you're very right. That is what needs our attention first ... after a couple of drinks near closing time of course.

  5. That's why I always like to go, despite the madness in their parking lots!

    Been meaning to ask, what kind of woodwork do you do. I make Indian Peace Pipes, although it seems that most who buy them are intend on not hanging them on the wall. They are functional! I also do a lot of woodburning on each and make some plagues with woodburning art on them.

  6. Why is she bothering to wear undies?

  7. Ron, open your eyes when you're here. There are answers to your question everywhere. Hint ... try the sidebar or look under the title.

  8. Supi, That's a question I often ask myself.

  9. I was trying not to die of heat stroke this weekend, so I missed this.

    THanks for the hat/tip. Always happy to send along the amusing emails I get! I know you will do them the proper justice, my friend.


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