Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Primaries in many states today


  1. I wish I could vote today, I have to wait!

    It will be really interesting to see the jerks getting
    kicked to the curb. Obummer will want to
    kick some ass for sure, Odie!.
    Great pic, BTW.

  2. Bunni, I want to see the Golden Pantload (or Obambi) kick some ass. I'll bet he'll be wearing a tutu when he tries.

    Wow, that gives me an idea ....

  3. Odie is getting ready to rumble!

  4. Good luck, Odie. Hopefully you'll vote for More Oil, Less BO!

  5. My guy didn't win, but I think the one the did, Carly Fiorina, can beat Boxer.


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