Sunday, June 20, 2010


I had to post this before you other crazies did ...


  1. I normally can't stand listening to the man speak. But this was different. Somehow more tolerable. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Odie, plugged and linked, but the sanctity of your premier post is respected.They gotta come over here if they wish to see the viddy.

    Besides, why should a few be subjected to your material when, with a little work, we can infect the entire population?


    Keep up the great work.

    ~Your friend, TWP

  3. Opie, some how this video helped me get over listening to him this time.

  4. Supi, We're here just for that reason.

  5. barack hussein obama, proud Kenyan per his wife, has proved to be worse than most of us thought he'd be. Nobody thought he'd pass four years of Jimmy Carter in well under six months - but he did YES HE COULD!

    Now we're into the mess a year and a half, wondering what this place will look like in 2012.

  6. LL, it's a scary thought alright. We think it could get any worse, but hell we're, but it's this bad already.

  7. Hi Odie, I can't see the video at all, it's white space where it should be, on youtube too!
    Drat, I think I know the one you posted.
    It's funny. I hope the you-tube problem goes away, I can't watch them there either.

  8. Bunni, they do that on occasion. Sometimes if you click the title it will reload properly. Come back, come back and watch it. This is a take-off on how small everyone said he looked behind the desk during his speech from the Oval Office.

  9. It's working again.
    He looks small all right. A knat has a gargantuan brain compared to the crappy pantload!

  10. Bunni, Ah the old "brain of a dead knat" comparison huh.


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