Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NewsBusted 6/1/10 ~


  1. Jeez, Woodster, she tears me up. I mean she's delivering these the flat one-liners with such consistency it's like a jackhammer.

    This is not a smack on her. It's kind of groovy (remember that word?) that we have an outlet for this Smothers Brothers type humor in this day and age. (Remember them?)

    I guess it means we conservatives have arrived and we are so hip that the dumb-assed liberals have to sit back while the taunt them..

    ..o.k., that's enough. You get my point. I'm off to change my depends,take a shot of Pepto Bismol, and hit the sack.


  2. TWP, Thanks for reminding me of my age. You're right though, the groovy Smothers Brothers ...

  3. Great video from NewsBusters, thanks for always posting these, Odie.


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