Friday, July 31, 2015

Out Of The Friday Frying Pan And Into The Fire

 As only Microsoft could do it.
 There's a few missing, but I'll bet you get the gist.
 I could use one of these. That sure makes her look hot.
 Do I notice the hate being on the other side of this issue?
 I love Texas, but this 49er fan couldn't help himself.


  1. Liberal men are a motley crew. And in California, with six official genders, "man" (as you point out) doesn't necessarily mean that they are plumbed accordingly. In the sense of equity, women can have male 'courting tackle' and it's perfectly fine.

  2. LL, "courting tackle"? Damn, I'm glad I didn't inhale my coffee just then.

  3. Six official genders? I must have miss this California lesson. I try to ignore most of the insanity going on around me, but it's tough to do.

    Have a fabulous day Odie. ☺

  4. As a reluctant Windows user, the first is gold.

    But thanks for the one about the Johnny Rebs. Anything the Lefties said about the confederacy or its flag, they've said about the US.

    We're all Americans.

    Except the Lefties and they've told us they don't want to be.

    Sandee said...

    Six official genders? I must have miss this California lesson

    I think it's up to 150 on FB.

  5. Ruggedly handsome... not so much...

    Have a Great weekend Odie!

  6. Sandee, that's what LL says. I would have put the number much higher.

  7. edutcher, LL and I are Mac users and we've never looked back. 150 on Facebook? That's closer to what I thought.

  8. Those liberal men can't help it-----hell they were born that way! Their words not mine!

  9. I didn't see a connection to California, but I think I've learned to not take that stuff in; it's why I'm so much more up on National POlitics than those here in CA.

    By the way, I wouldn't respond to your post above this one, but had to laugh at the GAY TEST: THAT IS FUNNY!
    And I love the "Liberal Men.." on this post.....hilarious! They all kind of look alike, don't they?



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