Sunday, October 13, 2013

RINO Alert .... RINO Alert .... 3

 Lindsey Graham, aka: RINO

This disgusting worm thinks his fellow Senator and
Patriot, Ted Cruz, is more dangerous than the libs in
the Senate or even terrorists. This man even bad-mouths
his fellow GOP senators to the media for doing the
"Peoples" work. 

Like his good buddy, John McCain, he is more interested
in being reelected and cocktail parties with democrats
and the news media than he is in his country. He is an elitist
Republican  of the first order.

I have had some propaganda / donation requests sent to me
via the Republican Party. They even sent me a membership
card. I had some scathing responses made out to
return with no donation. I decided to be civil and just not
respond. Now mind you I never answered any of these some
50 or so letters sent in the past two years. However, I just
received a letter from them titled "Sorry, We'll Miss You".
I'm still a registered Republican, I still donate to them on
occasion (actually to candidates only) , and I still vote a Republican ticket. SO, they say
good-bye to me. Are they F***ing kidding. They and 
Senator Lindsey Graham left me years ago.

 Lindsey Graham and his best friend Chuck U. Schumer


  1. Mr. Parker:

    I am writing to you in regards to “Abandoning the Republican Party.


    To paraphrase President Ronald Reagan “I didn’t leave the GOP. The GOP left me”.

    The RNC will not get one dime from me. Senators Graham and McCain’s Amnesty bill is not a “fundamental transformation” of America. We don’t need “immigration reform” we need enforcement of the current immigration law.

    I am fed up with the compromising and reaching around the aisle. The current RINO’s in office need to go. It is time to defund the RNC. The RNC doesn’t back conservative candidates.

  2. Grahmnesty and F.U. Schumer...A Reaganite would would never work with the likes of either.

  3. He's such a dickhead!

  4. Dapandico, yes, yes, just like that, but I didn't send them. I will in the future, you can bet on that.

  5. Randy, we need more Conservatives in the Senate.

  6. Joe, I wish you wouldn't sugar coat it like that.

  7. Defund the lot of them! Sending money to the RHINOs in the GOP is the same as sending a donation to the Dems!

  8. Cruz must be a real threat to the RINOs and the libtards because these groups are busy vilifying him.

  9. I love Ted Cruz. Love him. He knows what the majority of us want and he's doing just that.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  10. Brook, right you are. They and their puppets, running for office, will never see a dime from me.

  11. AOW, funny how real patriotism will bring out the RATS.

  12. Haven't sent the GOP money in ages and don't plan to either. I've donated to individual candidates. I feel sorry for the ones who call the house. Hubby gives them an ear full.

  13. Rick, The list keeps growing I'm afraid.

  14. One would think the voters in S.C. would wise up!


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