Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Political Smirks

Thank You Allison @ A Daily Laugh (H/T)


  1. With saddened heart I must report that Obama's recent Comedy Tour "Summer Of Recovery Roadshow" was a total flop. He had some good lines that were well rehearsed and delivered with excellent timing. Who could forget the classic riffs on "We ain't giving the Keys back" or the epic, "They're just sipping on slurpees" and lattes for his more urbane audiences in the Northeast. Another favorite was, "Well, they can ride along, but they'll have to sit in the back." One line that didn't play well East of Arizona had the punch line of, "We must punish our enemies" I tried to get that dropped because of its obvious regional appeal but they thought they had a winner with that one. They said it focus grouped well. However this material is now dated and he needs some new riffs and more chops.

    He's getting ready to hit the road in January so I'm asking the best of the best to contribute your absolute best lines that our dear leader can deliver to rousing laughter to progressive audiences. I know some of the challenges we face in writing progressive comedy is that we are accused of being too cerebral or merely laughing at what we think is funny. Anyway chop chop, let's get to cranking out those jokes. We need some new stuff and quickly. Dust off those two rethuglicans walking into a bar jokes. Also I got word that the Blame Bush stuff isn't doing the focus groups as good as it used to, really they love it, it's classic stuff. Just might have been overplayed a bit.

    Extra vodka rations for all submissions

  2. Well Comrades In Arms, I love your style. I've followed you back to your blog twice now. Both times to the disappointment of you not getting started yet. Judging by this comment, I would have to conclude your blog is going to be great.

    I look forward to the vodka.

  3. The Twilight Zone theme plays in the background every time I hear news about the regime.

  4. These were funny! I hope you are surviving all the snow, Odie.

  5. Admiral, I hear a theme too ... "It's Howdy Doody Time .... It's Howdy Doody Time ..."

  6. Now Snow today Bunni. This last went south.


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