Saturday, December 11, 2010

Amazing Amish Christmas Lights

These are amazing!
Scroll down to see the 
Amish Christmas lights.

You know darn well that the Amish don't use electricity. 

Fooling old people is so easy!



  1. Just a little early morning silliness, Mal.

  2. First I thought,,blasphemy,,then maybe really cool candles but alas am left with a little smiley face dude ROTHFLOL,,got me.

  3. Ah Maaaaaaaaaan,
    Ya got me also! Hook line and sinker! Crap!
    I owe ya one!

  4. Christopher, It got me too. That's why I knew it would be really easy to get you too ... LOL

  5. Allison, it's easy to get you too ... LOL

  6. Odie, sure is. But then I figgered that you had tumbled to something really mysterious. After falling for this, I feel like one of those people in your Walmart pictures.

    By the way, tell Allison with a pic like and the dirty old man that I am, that I am there!

  7. Wait... What happened?

  8. TWP, how was that Walmart trip?

    She'll like that.

  9. Trestin ... "Turn out the lights, that party's over ..."

  10. what the hell... i am just also a victim of this! LOL =) I owe you one dude! christmas lights


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