Friday, December 17, 2010

Bald Eagle Sighting ...

I had to drive to Reno today. I had to leave
at 8:20 AM for a dentist appointment at
10:00 AM. During a blinding snow storm
it can take an hour and a half to cover that
35 miles. About 2 miles from home, while
traveling on Interstate 80, I came upon a
lone pine tree. As I approached that tree
I saw the most beautiful Bald Eagle flying
to the tree and landing on its top. As I passed
the tree, I was only about 100 feet from it,
and I could almost count the feathers on
that most magnificent bird.

If you have ever seen one, you would
understand why I am so excited to share
this moment with you. I don't think he
would have landed in that tree if it weren't
for that blinding snow storm.

The photos below are close to what I saw.


  1. Wow lucky you! Happily birds of prey are making a comeback throughout Britain despite the predictions of the gloomsters.

  2. We've been watching a comeback here with our Bald Eagles too Banned.

  3. I've heard that they can carry a ferret away... or a small child.

  4. They have always been one of my favorite animals along with the Puma.

  5. LL, you just never know. Thanks, I'll worn Pen.

  6. Admiral, I think I saw cougar tracks, in the snow, across my property last week.

  7. It is very exciting to see a bald eagle in the wild. You are one lucky dude there.
    Keep Pen safe from the cougar.

  8. Supi, Pen will be kept save from cougars and LL.

  9. We have bald eagles come through here from Nov. - Jan., with the peak viewing the week or so after Christmas. As many as 90 eagles, probably from Canada, hit the Wolf Lodge and Beauty Bay area of Coeur d' Alene. I think this year we'll gather up our cameras and binocs and go take a look-see.

  10. Must have missed this Odie. This is awesome!! Must have been quite an extraordinary experience for you. Excellent pics! Bald Eagles are so beautiful.


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