Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Red Green and the Hardtop Convertible

At my channel at YouTube there are about 40 Red Green
videos. I have a link here that takes you right to that Playlist.


  1. Hi Odie, Red is funny! Thanks for the link to his whole playlist. It's too HOT out here, I"ve been MIA.

  2. Bunni, you ought to get Red to install some air-conditioning for you.

  3. My dear friend,

    Sorry for the O.T. comment, but I wanted to thank you for watching my back when that troll showed up!

    ..first Opie sets him up with that subtle zinger about anonymous posting and then you let him have it with both barrels!

    "..did anyone get the number of that truck?"

    Way to go, dude!


  4. TWP, I just couldn't help myself. He really pissed me off sneaking around like a piece of crap. So I let him have it, but I did expect you to delete my handy work after a short while.


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