Wednesday, August 18, 2010

American Perspective is Born

Opus#6 (Opie) our good buddy in the blogosphere got
a case of restless blog syndrome. We've all suffered from
it too. We'll change looks, our blog host, or our template.
But, this woman has gone nuts and changed her name.
Don't look for "MAinfo" any longer. The new name is
now "American Perspective". So, boys and girls please
change your blog rolls to reflect the name change. 

I don't care what you do to confuse me Opus#6, you'll
always be the beloved "OPIE" here.


  1. Odie, you really are a peach! XXXXOOOO

  2. Sorted and renamed on the old blogroll, Odie.

  3. Thanks Christopher, Sidebars everywhere are still reading "MAinfo". We must wake up these sleepy people.

  4. I'm keeping up both names, until people figure it out!
    We all love our Opie and Odie!


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