Sunday, August 29, 2010

Contrast ....

America's Great Apologizer
America's Great Cheerleader 
One bows to men and one bows to God.
Nuff Said !


  1. barack hussein obama was awarded a huge gold chain with a gold dish style gong as an award from King Abdullah -- after he bowed.

    I don't think Glenn will be honored by Islamic potentates anytime soon.

  2. LL, I somehow don't think Glenn Beck cares in the slightest.

  3. Opie, It was fun to gather as I had a chuckle in my heart.

  4. Beautiful pics! Glenn is my hero for honoring God in this Country, not miserable potentates who seek to destroy her.

  5. Woodsterman,

    Those are indeed great pictures! My Lovely Bride and I were blessed with the chance to participate in that glorious day! It was truly awe inspiring. We are sure we will remember it for the rest of our lives.

    Today we toured Mount Vernon, and were really impressed! Thanks Glenn Beck, we might have missed it had you not suggested to go.

    Lock & Load!!!

    Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

  6. (L), glad you the chance to be there.

  7. Thanks for posting the wonderful photos. I was also blessed to be there on Saturday. What an inspiring day!


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