Monday, July 5, 2010

USS North Carolina (BB-55) Oil Painting by S. Phillips

First I'd like apologize to Sonia for stealing this image
of her work without her permission. I've been so impressed
by it since the first time I saw it yesterday, I had to share it
here. I, being in the art field, know it's great when many
can view the art you've worked so hard to create. 

To tie this all together ... Happy Birthday Dad. My father,
who would have been 102 today, has a tie to this Battle Ship.
The USS North Carolina (BB-55) shelled Iwo Jima during 
the invasion in World War II. My father landed on the island
around the second day. To this day we never knew why so
early, as he wasn't part of the invasion. He, once the runway
end of the island was secured, started getting the radar ready
to help the B-29s land in the future. He was the one in charge
of the radar that guided the limping B-29s in after they visited
Japan. He also was the one that discovered how weather could
be observed with radar. Some of you might remember the old 
"Victory at Sea" of Iwo Jima and a sign that read "Los Angeles
City Limits". That was his sign he made around the third day
of the invasion.

Happy Birthday Dad ... I miss you.


  1. Wow.. Thank you. I never expected this.

    Amazing story about your dad. Discovering how weather can be observed with radar is awesome.

    You have a great day.

  2. Odie,

    Got it on report from my pop that you dad is fine. Signal was a little weak, but the old BC-348 pulled it in just fine.

    They're all up there in the mess having a grand old time. Seems you dad can't touch his wallet for all of the aircrews buying him rounds to thank him for the help.

    But thanks to you for the word; I'll hoist one for your dad tonight!


  3. Sonia, I was so impressed by this I had to post it here. Then as I was gathering my thoughts, and being my fathers birthday, I went to Wiki ... the rest was easy.

  4. Thank you for that story Odie! I have human connections with the USS Laffey, I can talk to the veterans on that tin can, but not this battle ship that I try to visit every two years.

    I have no connection to the "showboat" other than she is named after my home state.

    I thank you for this!


  5. TWP, Thank you sir, and I'll be hoistng and toasting too.

  6. Kelly, thanks for stopping by. You live in a lucky state to have this name sake. Enjoy her memory.

  7. Odie, I am very fortunate to be where I am by fate. I have chosen to stay here!

  8. What a lovely post about your Dad. Happy Birthday Odie's Dad!! And that picture is wonderful! I love the colours and the fine detail. Thank you for sharing this :o)

  9. Hi Odie, What a beautiful tribute to your Father. He was a very important part of our winning the war. I know you are very proud of him, and he is of you.

    Supi's artwork is amazing, this painting especially is so magical, and calming and cooling, which we need now.
    Have a great day and I'll say a toast to your dad too!

  10. Wonderful story, it's great to have memories of things like that.

  11. I just tried to leave a comment at "just waffling" and it didn't take. I'm trying here now ... testing 1,2,3 ... COMMENT !

  12. Works here for me could be Britain's Google.

  13. Keads, I've been as far south as Virginia and as far north as South Carolina, but never to your state. Maybe one day that can happen.

    Enjoy your Painting ... I have loved staring at it myself.

  14. What a beautiful tribute to your Dad, Odie.
    And such lovely art work by Supi.
    I know he's proud of you.

  15. Thanks for sharing the painting and the story about your Dad. My husband and I worked (as civilians) for the Navy in Philadelphia for many years (me in the office and he as a fleet maintenance engineer), so we have a soft spot in our hearts for the Navy. Your Dad is a hero and we send our thanks for his service to our country. The sign he made about "Los Angeles City Limits" is mentioned on page 105, top of right column in Dick Camp's book: Iwo Jima Recon:
    I wanted to find a photo of it, but no luck.

  16. Kelly I made more comments to you, but the comment thingy at Google is all messed up. It's coming back now. I said I hadn't been to North Carolina only South Carolina.

  17. CAM Lady (two "Ladys" today), Thank you for letting me share this with you. And yes, that painting is terrific.

    Comments are back.

  18. I love her painting too Bunni. I stare at it every chance I get. I know Kelly is going to love it.

  19. Reason, thanks and thank you so much for stopping by.

  20. Bunni, the comments are coming back now. Thanks again.

  21. Conservative Lady, I looked for the sign myself with no luck. I did manage to get the whole "Victory at Sea" series on DVD, but I haven't looked at it yet. That might be the only record of the sign. I say it as a kid, but it's been at least 50 years since then.

    Thanks for the link ... I found it there on page 105 just like you said.

  22. That is so nice Cons. Lady found a book mentioning about Los Angeles City Limits sign.

    It is even better comments are back for folks.


  23. Supi, the comments are still goofy. I wouldn't pour your heart on one just yet.

  24. Odie, I am sorry about the loss of your father. He sounds like a great man. I love the picture.

  25. Thank you Opie, He was a great man. That painting is cool.

  26. Come see the "Showboat"! It is still here! Thanks to your Father for his service!

    The painting is truly beautiful and S. worked on it very much! We went back and forth on many things. She is truly talented and wanted the history of this inanimate object that came to life only because of the people on her!



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