Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh Boy ... Bumper Stickers! III

Here's the third installment of these great bumper stickers.
Call me lazy, because these are so easy to post. There is no
thinking involved, not that there is with anything else posted
here. Isn't that why you guys and gals keep coming back.
It's kept very simple on purpose.
If you like them ... take them.

Thanks Dan ...


  1. Another lovely collection! Have you thought of opening an account on zazzle or whatever sites market bumper stickers and stuff?

    PS: Thanks for desigining my new blog Header, Odie. I have put up my favorite right now! It looks really great. When I do a new post, I will h/t you and direct people over. (I know lots of my readers read you, because they are so intelligent like that)


  2. Jimmy loves O for taking his worse president title away.

  3. Thanks Bunni, Yes you have very smart readers ... all of us.

  4. Supi, can't you just see Carter rubbing his hands together like a mad scientist?

  5. The "shovel ready" part made me snort.

  6. Geez, with all the shovel-ready jobs congesting traffic thus creating horn-honking that 4th message will be loud and clear!

  7. Opie, I think I live for the day to hear you snort.

  8. Christopher, Get those shovels ready.

  9. That first one is just creepy!


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