Sunday, July 18, 2010

There's a New Blog in Town ...

Little Dude strikes out on his own and enters the
world of the blogosphere ..... LINK THERE


  1. Hi WoodsterPen!
    You are on my esteemed blogroll.

    You'll like visiting because there are squirrels for you to chase, and cats & dogs to make you laugh. And Obummer for you to poop on!

    Have lots of fun with your new hobby.

  2. "Thanks Bunni," he says in his grown up voice.

  3. Can Woodsterpen ferret out the BS in the White House?

  4. Christopher, He's just getting started. His abilities are really amazing.

  5. LL, I knew Pen could count on you ... thank you.

  6. Those just about say it all.

    Good job.

  7. I would add myself as a follower of Woodsterpen but my blog can be a bit sweary at times.

  8. banned, It's OK, we all go there. I have no problem with it.


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