Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I couldn't help myself. This is what happens when
I should be in the shop, but I'm at the computer
instead. I was helping a fellow blogger with a 
new banner, and got carried away with my buddy
Pen. I have a site set up to test my banner and
blog designs (one of many). Check it out HERE.


  1. Pen is looking stylish and very patriotic. Great job.

    It is so much fun playing on the computer. I mean researching...

  2. Too cool, Odie & Pen! You guys are a real team!
    Thanks for helping me with my banner! It's very styling, but that's what we'd expect from the "dudes".

    Playing I mean working on the 'puter is fun.

  3. putting is what I do best. Pen and I do it better than the Golden Pantload anyway.

  4. Aww, look at the wee fuzzy guy...and I don't mean you, Woody.

  5. Kristin, that's OK, were both wee fuzzy guys.

  6. "Pen....the Movie" coming soon!
    I just linked you two on my latest fun blog post, Odie.

  7. Opie, isn't Pen about the coolest looking Dude.

  8. Bunni, I just caught that and that's how I got back here. It's kind of looking in a mirror of you, of a mirror of you .... and on and on.

  9. Let me know when you want me to add the little cutie to my blogroll list. :-)

    He's star material


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