Friday, July 6, 2012

I've Been Working On This . . .

What do you think?
Theft is the greatest form of flattery
here at Woodsterman.
The Quote is from the Battle of the Bulge,
Stolen from the War Planner (LINK),
after he posted a Bill Whittle
video using it.


  1. P, thank you sir. One intelligent voice heard from.

  2. Its great Odie, I will find a home for it!

  3. Thank you Randy, I appreciate the fact that a lot of my stuff finds its way to your place.

  4. Great job with the artwork, Odie.

  5. That is a great one and like Randy I'll find a home for it. Knowing me I'm sure you know it will have many homes!

  6. Awesome. We need a change in Washington D.C. A big change. We need hope and change, because that hope and change didn't work out at all did it.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  7. love it, Odie! Consider it stolen!

  8. Sandee, I'm a hopin' it's a changin'.

  9. Velcro, Thank you sir. Yours is of the "Banners to steal" page.

  10. YES!!! I can't wait to fire the bastard!

  11. All the way!!

    And our dear little Barry is crying about how Romney is raising more money.

    How could that be?

    Maybe because things are so bad for him he has to campaign in PA, a state that should be in his back pocket.

    Shouldn't have made war on the Church and Coal.

    Keep up the fire, Odie.

  12. Love it! We smart people will not be voting for the anti-American POS this November.


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