Monday, June 6, 2011

A Mobile Device Friendly Blog ~ How-To

Being a new iPhone user, I've found it a bit awkward
to visit some of your sites. Moving that little screen
all around is cumbersome. Blogger gives us the ability
to make our blogs mobile friendly. The visitor can't
see your sidebar, but they can see that when they visit
with their computer.

Some of you are aware I have many blogs. Three of
which are blog how-to blogs. I have many such videos
as this at Woodsterman Practice to help you with your
own blog designs.

I want to thank USA Admiral for making me aware
of the mobile version of blogger ~ H/T Admiral

UPDATE: As Euripides would say, "Dang !" 
I forgot I have "Blogger in Draft" and this feature is a
"Beta" feature. That means I get to try it before yous guys.
I had the new "Designer Templates" and "Pages" before
you. This blog is in a group that tests new stuff for Google.
If you wish to be in "Blogger in Draft" just click the tab
in your Dashboard as shown in the screen-shot below.

I recommend it because you get to try neat stuff that

isn't available to everyone. Sorry for the confusion, and
thank you Opie (H/T) for bringing it to my attention.

Wow, it's been along time ... Below shows a box at the bottom
of dashboard that you click on for "Blogger in Draft".

Under "Tools and Resources" above. Mine doesn't list
it because I'm using it. I created a new blog and address
so I could show you this.

This next photo shows a box that appears at the top that
you need to check to so it's the default. 

I'm so sorry if I've confused you. I'm going to redo this video
to reflect the blogger in draft information. I've had blogger in
Draft so long, I forgot you might need it to apply this template.


  1. I just went into the settings, email and mobile area for my blog and these choices are not available for me. Perhaps because my blog was started back in 2007? Not sure. All it says is 2 sections:
    email notifications, where I can choose ten email addresses to have my published posts sent to whenever I post.
    email posting address, for posting via email, which I do from my Blackberry device when I'm mobile blogging.
    And the mobile device phone number is logged in as my phone number, so Blogger recognizes me when I email posts.
    Below that is an orange button that says SAVE SETTiNGS and nothing else, no other choices.

    Sorry, Odie. I would change my settings for you in a minute. But I don't see how.

  2. Opie, I'll have to update this. I realized my blog is set for "Blogger in Draft" which is a choice made in the Dashboard. If you see on the video, where I click it says "(bets)". Because I use Blogger in Draft, I get this stuff before you ... as Euripides would say, "Dang".

  3. I'm lucky I can figure out to find my way to the office, let alone blog on a phone...

  4. Born Again, it also has to be a phone "Smarter" than us.

  5. Thanks for the nod and you "splained" it better than i ever could have!

  6. Admiral, I'm still changing the "Splaining" of it as I write this.

  7. I didn't have the mobile device option in my settings either, so I did a little experimenting. I found out that if I clicked on "Blogger in Draft" under "Tools and Resources", I got a choice to add it to my Settings page. So, I did. Let me know how my blog looks on your iPhone. I hope it worked.

  8. Lady, you're so kind. You will get to try google stuff for blogger early as well. As soon as mt iPhone gets off the charger, I'll get it a try.

  9. Ummm... This looks a wee bit complicated Odie. I'll have to check and see whether I have the blogger in draft thingy.

  10. Teresa, this whole thing turned out tougher looking than it really is.


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