Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Ran Into an Old Friend of Ours Today . . .

He was one of my first followers, and I followed him back
to his blog. He is probably the single biggest reason I know
most of you. I've known him for two years but until today
we had never met. He is the one that is most responsible
for my hunger for your Conservative Blogs. 

You all know him as Nickie Goomba, and he'd been
threatening to visit me at one of our Arts and Craft Shows.
Nickie, thank you and I wish We'd had a lot more time.


  1. Nickie Goomba is great! How wonderful that both of you were able to meet in person.

  2. Fantastic! I so wish I could have joined you both,,,and more for that matter!

  3. Odie, That's great! I hope the rest of your weekend goes just as well.

    BTW I'm jealous now too. :-)

  4. That's awesome! I'm jealous too. Have a wonderful Sunday:)

  5. Opie, if it weren't for Nickie we wouldn't have met.

  6. Hi Keads, It was great, but it almost didn't happen because while he was in my booth I was elsewhere.

  7. Christopher, it's great to put a face to all of our silliness.

  8. Teresa, thanks, Sunday will have to be great.


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