Thursday, November 18, 2010

Woodsterman Caught With Undesirables

Woodsterman has been spending a little time in
La La Land known as Southern California. There
are a few conservatives that hide out there. Can
you put a name to each in the photo ? I've made
one very easy for you. You know everyone here
by their blogs.

 We had a great time today at lunch talking
about blogs and many of you. OK ... who's who ?
I owe everyone an apology for the quality 
of the photos.

I drive back home tomorrow. This blog and my
visits to your blogs will be closer to normal after
tomorrow. Could you tell I was elsewhere this week?


  1. It looks to be fine company to me sir.

  2. The second guy from the right (to the rear) looks like a movie star.

    I'd say that the lady is Veronica Lake in her prime - is this some sort of trick?

  3. Admiral,

    I have been party to several of these little soirees and you will meet no finer than your blogging brothers and sisters.

    I am hoping that there will be a convention like there was in Vegas last October where many more of us can convene and hatch our plots for the next two years.

    Possibly the most fun was re-acquiring a taste for Beefeater's and the excellent conversations. Too little time, far too little time.


    (Odie, you may add my sobriquet to the image if you like. Clearly I am not the beautiful Blond.)

  4. TWP, you just made everyone's job easier. That was a lot of fun alright.

  5. I'm soooo jealous! I wish i could have been there! Looks like you had a real good time! You better get your ass home. Snow level is suppose to hit 2000 feet tomorrow night. YES, you read that right!
    Have a safe trip!

  6. Not exactly sure who is who but I live in SO-Cal and that interior looks familiar? Also I kind of felt sorry for that lovely lady being surrounded by such undesirables...HA!

  7. I'm going to have to make it out there to the left coast for a gathering...

  8. Bushwack, our paths haven't crossed. If they had, you would have been there.

  9. It looks like a blogger convention to me.

    A convention of unconventional bloggers.

  10. The pics are great Odie, I wish I could have been there too, looks like a lot of fun and the perfect place for clandestine ops convo's! Of course the lovely lady is Opus, beautiful as ever, and our very own funny man Odie across from her, next to her LL, and The War Planner also. I bet you had a yummy lunch.

    I'm sure the weather was better than out here, windy, cold, cloudy and around 40, but I went on my big walking errands and made a nice dinner at home.

  11. That's a great group!

  12. Looks like you all had a great time! It's great that you can meet up and get to know each other personally.

  13. You all look like you having a fabulous time. Ok.. Where's the surfing the pictures?

  14. We had a mini-blogger meet in NY years ago and we had a great time. Wish we coould do it again. Glad to see you guys could pull it off.

  15. Bunni, give that girl a cigar. I'm home now to a Sierra Nevada snow storm. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

  16. Lady, I hope to make this an annual gathering.

  17. Supi, TWP and I are OLD surfers from way back. We both surfed in the 60s and 70s all over California. I no longer partake and miss it dearly.

  18. Sig94, don't wish ... jump on the opportunity.

    I hope to get this blog back to normal.

  19. Great pic, but I agree with Supi, where are the Surfing pics (even if they are 40 years old)?

  20. Righty, I have some somewhere. I'll have to look for them.


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