Saturday, November 27, 2010

Where To Celebrate The Busiest Shopping Day 2

Why Wal~Mart of Course !

 She must spend a lot of time at the gym. She’s ripped!
 What every other mullet in the world aspires to be…
 Rapunzel, Rapunzel, please pick up your hair on aisle 5 !
 Now this is truth in advertising! Its not only bad, its one of the worst I’ve ever seen ... Try soap !
 That’s the worst bank teller I’ve ever seen.
Has anyone else ever mistaken an aisle in Wal-mart for a freakin’ beach? I’m just asking ...



  1. The man with shorts realized above his knees wasn't tan. Mr. put on your other shorts to go shopping.

  2. Supi, I just noticed the thong and the BAD "smelling" ASS. You're a natural at this.

  3. The bikini lady is ready to get on a plane too!
    I hope I don't see any of these tards today, but then again, I don't have a walmart near me, drat.

  4. Odie, I'm thinking "BAD ASS" described him just right!

  5. About "Bad Ass", I personally cannot tell if it is a man or a woman? The shoes suggest a woman but either way it is just wrong.

  6. stopsign, not only that, but we're close enough.

  7. We need girls like her so that we have things to post!!!

  8. "Black Friday" in England is the last Friday before Christmas when the country closes down for a fortnight. All the construction workers head for the pub at lunchtime to get mega drunk, joined later by the nice boys and girls from offices who go out for a quick drinkie but end up sloshed by 3pm unable to get a taxi home and spending their Xmas hols worrying in case they might have been sacked.

  9. Allison, see there you go thinking about interesting posts. We guys just like the beach at WalMart.

  10. Banned (and the uneducated) Black Friday here is when businesses start seeing a profit.


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