Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy "Googlely" Thanksgiving

Yesterday's post started this. Yes it's still snowing and
we have white-out conditions. I prepost so much here,
that it's just 30 minutes past my last post. It's 8:30 Tuesday
morning. I can't see across the street because it's snowing
and blowing so hard. That's about a distance of 100 feet.

This time the "Mad Googler" tried "Funny Turkeys". 
There were so many to choose from, but when you boil
down to it you have to be that Special Funny Turkey to
make these pages. I even doctored one that was screaming
for my attention. 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING and enjoy your day ....
 I found out how to get these animated GIFs to work without photobucket ... use original size.
 Funny but  ....  what's a blind man doing with an ax ?
 Planning for next Thanksgiving.
 Who'd a thunk ... a turkey herding dog.
 Gettin' ready for the big day just shootin' the breeze.
 The cook is having a few Beefeaters with Woodsterman and TWP ... Can you tell?
 How's that GrOpe and Change working out for you?
"I'll tell you what ... Let's try a little ChOke and Change instead, Sucka!"

Now what in the world was she doing with funny turkeys?
She's trying to tell me to end this with a rule 5 


  1. Nice post.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  2. Admiral, I had to post something that would help us guys without Jodi this week.

  3. Well Odie, no one ever accused you of not liking women.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Lady, Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours also.

  5. Odie - snowing here, too. We just got dug out yesterday (we're giving thanks this year to Anderson Excavating. It takes a huge front loader when the road drifts over) from our blizzard and it's snowing again. So much for going anywhere today.

    Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving - you clever guy!

  6. Odie - My son appreciates the last picture. You have a happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Best wishes this Thanksgiving to you, your loved ones and to your wonderful readers.

  8. Adrienne, I feel your pain ... really I do ... Happy Thanksgiving !

  9. Supi, I love the last picture. That's why it's here. Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. No Sheeples, Have a very wonderful Thanksgiving.

  11. Thanks Spidey, I'll toast you with a drumstick!

  12. Just once I would like to see a President with the guts to not pardon that bird.

  13. Trestin, I'm with you, but the President is probably eating it's brother later.

  14. All praise to the Great Googly Moogly! What would we do without these lifeless bloggers, snowbound and stuck in their underwear and their basements Googling and oogling just for us?

  15. Scott, watch out ... I resemble that remark!

  16. I missed all the fun yesterday! I hope yours was great and you and the kitty aren't too hung over. That pic of the big pansy turkey is too funny. He looks likes he's scared to death. He got payback today, didn't he...hee hee, made my weekend.

  17. Bunni, had a great overeating time. Did you spot the turkey?

  18. I just can't help my impertinent impudent self sometimes. Things just pop up. Yo' the Man!


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