Friday, November 26, 2010

Chat With Trestin Tomorrow AM

Hi boys and girls, I was chatting with Trestin in Africa
this morning on Facebook. I told him I would contact 
as many of you as I could today to chat with him tomorrow.
If you have a facebook account and are friends with
Trestin, meet us tomorrow, Saturday, morning at 8:00 AM
PST (11:00 EST) at facebook.

He really seemed to like our chat this morning. I hope to
chat with you all tomorrow.


  1. I'm ok with that -- what is his facebook account address so we can find the REAL Trestin?

  2. Never mind...I'm already a friend of his on facebook. I just hardly ever USE facebook.

  3. LL, I'm there maybe once a week. I was there this morning and chatted with him. He really seemed to enjoy it. So I told him I'd put the word out for tomorrow.

  4. Hi Woodsie, got your message but, being an old fart, I don't do Facebook and in any case what is 11:00EST in English?

  5. Banned, I didn't used to do Facebook either. 11:00 East Coast Time US (Eastern Standard Time).

  6. Yrs I know that, I meant 'in old money', ie viz GMT.

  7. We don't have a Greenwich Banned. It's too hard for we simple folk to think about time in Britain as a time for us to use. If we used everyday, it would be simple like us. We need our own WMT (Washington), but then that would defeat the purpose of GMT.


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