Friday, December 17, 2021

Some Things Just Can't Be Explained!

 A farmer went to milk his cow one morning. Just as he started to milk the cow she knocked the bucket over with her left leg. The farmer took some rope and tied the cow's left leg to a post on the left. He sat down to milk the cow again and the cow knocked over the bucket, this time with her right leg. So the farmer ties up her right leg to a post on the right. He sits down for a third time and for the third time the cow knocks over the bucket this time with her tail. Since he's run out of rope, the farmer stands on his stool, takes off his belt and uses it to tie the cow's tail to the rafter. Just as he gets done, his pants fall down as the wife walks in and...well some things just can't be explained!

Thanks Charles


  1. That reminds me of the milkmaid......

    The milkmaid was milking old Matilda and she became a bit frisky, kicking the pail over, and kicking the milkmaid in the head, knocking her out.
    Now this particular girl was very popular in town, so when she came to, slightly dazed, she looked up at the cow's teats hanging down, and said "ONE AT A TIME, BOYS!"

  2. What happens when the wife says, "No", too often.

  3. The farmer's wife walks in, pauses to take in the scene before her and then says "You do know that's the bull, don't you?"

  4. aye, with a cow, one gets milk.
    with a bull, one has a friend for life.


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