Monday, December 27, 2021

Libturd Monday ~ Power Outage Edition ~ 1


Yes indeed, we've been without power since 8:00 am 

Sunday morning. I'm preposting this at 4:00 pm same

day. I have a MacBook Pro with fully charged batteries.

I have an iPhone with HotSpot, so I'm on the web with

my computer using my iPhone as WiFi over Verizon's

cell network. Isn't technology great! I have no idea when 

power will be back, but hell neither does the power 

company. I'm charging the frig with my generator so 

it can make ice for my beefeaters on the rocks. 

Hope this post is done before the Gin kicks in. 

Oh hell what could possibly go wrong.

Oh, by the way, it's still snowing and I can't

catch an effing break. Florida sure looks good ... LOL.

Thanks FBers


  1. Fucking "Joe 2020" sweatshirts tell 'the rest of the story'! Complete fucking morons.

  2. I have an iPhone with HotSpot, so I'm on the web with

    my computer using my iPhone as WiFi over Verizon's

    cell network. Isn't technology great!

    I have an iPhone.

    I understand that part, because everyone else does. I gather, through context, A Hotspot is a place where the internet exists,

    Yeah, technology is Great! Because You kept up, we get to see what goodies and ideas you're sharing today.
    Bummer being down on electricity. Storm? Someone run over something? Too many cars plugged in?

    1. Justin_O_Guy, Power came back last night about 8ish.

  3. 3 and 4 make the point, but the last is what nails it.

    1. edutcher, that last is so biden voter.

      Keeping warm. The power is back, but the heater stack is covered with snow. Safety electronics being what they are won't allow the heater to turn on. We have a gas stove with a good fan that's keeping uss warm.

  4. -16F here.
    Snow. Lots of it.
    And the wind howling like Kamala outside the VD Clinic.

    1. Old Tech, I cleaned up two feet yesterday and now there's two more out there waiting for me.

  5. Replies
    1. Anne Arc, if you mean in your comment, I don't believe there is a way. I just use google blogger comments and there's no way I know of. You could send it to me via gmail.

  6. I hear ya. It's times like this you want to go hunting for that jerk singing about a White Christmas. Seriously, good to hear your power came back on. Enjoy an opportunity to snuggle.

  7. Don't have an iphone; but we discovered a little app years ago called PdaNet that shares your cell phones internet data with your laptop. Been using it ever since because it was great when we travelled and couldn't get wi-fi. Gives you a semi-secure connection - which I expect you don't need where you are, Odie.

    Like I told the Reverend, there are a few other places which didn't get a white Christmas like usual, perhaps you could send some snow there. :)

    Glad your power is back on. Be safe, stay warm and God bless you all, Odie. :)

    1. LindaG, also if you have a Samsung, you can probably find "HotSpot" in settings.

      I like give all this snow to those singing White Christmas.


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