Friday, December 10, 2021

It's Fun Friday ~ 1


Thanks FBers


  1. I didn't know Richard Levine had a kid brother.

  2. And those people are really out there. Maybe Walmart but they're out there.

  3. Sooo, Someone decided putting on, whatever that is and popping a formal hat on an going out in public like that would be a Great idea, and convinced another, at least21others to do it, too. I counted22 hats, there Could be more. I'm saddened there are that many.
    Man, that looks So uncomfortable.
    Okay ,there Is a possible reason for that.
    They lost a bet. I hope that is what happened.

    1. Justin_O_Guy, I think I posted that photo once before with a story. I think they're one of those cold water swimming groups.

  4. Hey Woosterman! Been meaning to send ya a note! I miss our great interactions.

  5. #!
    Brandon's pick for Space Forces General.


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