Tuesday, November 17, 2020

We Wait Some More ~ 1


Update From Sunday Morning.


  1. You just wait and see.
    Coming soon.
    In two weeks...
    Tick tock.
    Trust the plan.
    And stonewalled by the DOJ/FBI/CIA and multiple socialist cucks, the people who want to follow the rules are left speechless when
    "Ladies and gentlemen the President of the United States, Joe Biden".

    We'll get 'em next time.


  2. Some people love being unhappy.

    I'm a Rudy guy, myself.

  3. So, why had the watcher blockers not been arrested. They were doing this all over the place. Get some law enforcement to show up with you and arrest anyone who tries to block you.

    Two cops per polling place is all that would be needed. Where were they? Looking for speeders?

    Getting real tired of the talk Woodie.

  4. edutcher, I'm rooting for Rudy and Sydney.

  5. jabrwok, that's the Youtube censors had at work.


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