Thursday, November 12, 2020

It Ain't Over ~ Libturd Thursday ~ 1


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  1. Best idea I've heard today.

    PS If you think there are only a half dozen contested states, I have news for you. There's a small army of programmers (you'll hear the term pedes (as in centipedes)) volunteering to help Trump get to the bottom of the vote fraud. If you go this this web page, you will see how many votes have been hijacked from each state.

    And word is, we'll find out for sure today probably, Trump's people have the source code from Dominion.

  2. Can I ask where the actual declared states map at the top of this segment came from?

    It's damned near impossible to get any data like that here in Australia. Our legacy media is as worthless as yours.

    I need a link to whatever site is producing that updated map so I can go and slap some people who believe legacy media BS with it.


  3. Gyro Cadsiz, welcome to the Northern Half. The best I can do is a Newsmax Maps Page. The lawsuits are going on. There is more voter fraud then anyone can remember. Address Below:

  4. Thanks Odie

    You have been a daily read of mine for years. I like your sense of humour.

    I like it as I am in my 4th decade of military service here (too young for Vietnam, though).

    So I went to Newsmax (good site, thanks, now added to daily reads), and then tracked down the originator!

    They are 'New Tang Dynasty news' and are an expatriate Chinese political refugee organisation based in the USA and they issued a statement on this. They are reporting strictly in accordance with your constitutional and legal requirements. Last update is 12 Nov 20 (Trump 232 Biden 227) and get this, I mapped the actual legal declarations, state by state

    Biden has NEVER been in the lead. The legacy media is all lies, no reality.

    Your country desperately needs something like the Australian Electoral Commission, an independent statutory authority which organises and monitors all of our elections. That's almost their secondary duty, their main one is hunting for electoral fraud. They are routinely audited by the Australian National Audit Office to prevent lefties from taking over. it works for us.

  5. Gyro Cadiz, thanks for that new link. What we really need is voter I.D. used ater the door as one votes in PERSON. Oh, and frisking all of the democrats couldn't hurt ... LOL.

  6. Yes, you certainly do need voter ID. It stuns me that I have to show more ID to get into Costco (yes, we have them here now) than many have to do in elections.

    We have compulsory attendance at a polling place (you do not have to vote) and your name is ticked off the list for your electorate.

    Different country, different system, of course.

  7. Gyro Cadiz, I like your way of voting.


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