Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Let's Shake The Libturd Tree ~ 2


Thanks WeMe Peeps


  1. Thanks for keeping me entertained! I look forward to reading your blog daily.

  2. The only problem with #1 was that it wasn't the PRINCIPAL who paid. It was the taxpayers.

  3. AOC, Yea imagine, 174k a year plus all you can steal, and now with 2 terms set for LIFE with better than all of us health care etc, etc.
    No Experience Req'd. Not even a resume had to be sent. This place is messed up. (Insert your favorite profainity in the obvious places)

    Well, gotta say, t-shirts, MAGA hats, etc. I graduated HS in 1970 and was not allowed to wear bell bottoms to school. They'd send me home and no lawsuit or paycheck. Maybe we've made some progress in this area? Then again - lawyers - we'd be ultimately better off without most of them.

    Have a good time all.

  4. NITZAKHON, too bad the libs turned that beautiful state into a shithole.

  5. Kid, I'll never understand how AOC won any election.


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