Sunday, November 15, 2020

Funday ~ While We Wait Some More


Here, I'll catch you up first: 

This just in ... Actually at 5:00am PST this morning from the Trump Campaign.

OK, on with Funday Fun

Thanks FBers


  1. I that what they mean by a "Baby Boom"?

  2. Bet if you looked at all the blue states Trump would have a lot more electoral votes.

    And I love a woman with a sense of humor.

  3. That baby bomb blew sox onto the smallest kid and a diaper onto the baby! What was in that thing?

  4. edutcher, Yes all of them, but he's after these because they got caught big time.

    A sense of humor is very important.

  5. Matthew, you had to ask? Well sox and diapers of course.

  6. Not to be a stickler but the Brits actually throw both the index and middle finger and it was after the battle that they showed both fingers to indicate that they could still draw their bows. We Americans give the one finger salute. I don’t know the trivia behind why.

  7. You could do that with a 1980's pickup truck.


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