Monday, November 30, 2020

Awww Monday Woodsterman Style ~ 278



  1. The Tibetan Sand Fox has the same expression that women get when you ask them to go to the store and pick up a sixer and drive through and get some sub sandwiches when you and your buddies are watching football too.

    The whole Tibetan reincarnation thing starts to make sense to me now.

  2. Love them all, but the first one is my favorite. Smart cat.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. ☺

  3. LL, sounds like you may have had a hard life.

  4. Sandee, Smart cat? I thought that was an accident.

  5. I hope the kitty got out! Great takes- especially the last one! Cheers!

  6. Kathe W. I'm sure the kitty got out. Someone was taking that video. I love that last one too.


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