Sunday, November 8, 2020

Happy Funday (During These Trying Times)

 Thanks Mike!


  1. Odie, I don't know if anybody else has said it, but you are doing more than you know in these times.

    All of us get down with all the perfidy around us and need the laugh we get when we come here.

    You are serving your country as well, maybe better, as when you were young by keeping our spirits up.


  2. edutcher, thank you so much!

    I thought this video was the funniest I'd seen in a long time, and we all needed it.

  3. Damn, she harsed his mellow and fantasies...

  4. Cederq, I think she's the greatest. I've watched it about five times and I'm still laughing as hard as the first time. 401K is sexy! Oh life on a farm.

  5. Buy some sheep and the problem goes away. Spend your time in the bedroom.

  6. Mat Wall, Good point, and she is a babe.


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