Friday, November 6, 2020

It's What Counts ~OR~ How They Can Steal ~1

Yes we have a Libturd Election stealing

theme. The more this goes on the worse

it gets. They've been caught with their

fingers in the cookie jar, or

would that be the ballot box?

These are all in the rumor stage, but I'm leaning hard for them being true.


  1. TEXT 14th Amendment to 88022

    Let the President know you support his use of the 14th Amendment, which gives him the right to strip electoral votes away from states engaging in insurrection!

    Further States like California who are backing the Big Tech's sedition can be expelled from Capitol Hill under the 14th Amendment along with the representatives of other states in open acts of sedition against him , effectively giving him control over both houses!

  2. CorporalWalsh'sGhost, I think you're on to something.

  3. Pennsylvania

    Election Day : 1399802
    Mail : 1897463
    Provisional : 74

    Election Day : 2725585
    Mail : 564693
    Provisional : 319

    Election day votes put Trump ahead by 1,325,783 votes – Mail in votes erased that entire margin with Biden getting 1.9 million votes to Trumps 0.56 Million (difference 1332770) enough to put Biden ahead.

    I just don’t believe it. I’ll never be convinced the mail in voting is legitimate. How were these mail in ballots regulated?

  4. Stopping legal poll watchers, threatening to jail the president, refusing to call your state for the President in order to deny him the vote and suppress opposition, all of these actions and many, many more are sedition.

    Including in fact, the Fox News decision desk which refused to call states for Trump when he clearly ran away with the vote, while simultaneously calling states for Biden the second he took the lead is also sedition. Their actions were meant to suppress his supporters, embolden his detractors and violated the unbiased condition of the fourth estate in order to harm the President.

    Including the rest off the news agencies which failed to air all Trump's address on the subject and then publicly called him a liar.

    PBS belongs to the taxpayers, but is being used as a tool against the president and the people of the United States. Trump needs to jail the heads of the news agencies, and seize PBS and let the US Army man it, giving him direct unfiltered access to the people.

    Trump has got to stop playing with these clowns!

  5. Edward, it's not legitimate. That's why the democrats fought so hard to implement mail in voting.

  6. CorporalWalsh'sGhost, There were a lot of rules and laws broken during and leading up too this election, starting with COVID-19. The rights of the People must prevail!

  7. Thus election is eat up with fraud. Void it.

    Time to go "Third World" with a redo. Everybody must vote in person, with proof of US citizenship, dip your left thumb in India Ink that takes 30 days to wash off, and cast your vote. Shoot anybody that tries to vote a second time and they have ink on their left thumb.

  8. tsquared, That's what I proposed at Facebook. Like minds.


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