Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Birthdays Can Cause Work ~OR~ TV Stands Woodsterman Style


Well, this top photo is a TV cabinet I made 25 years ago. 
It took four of us to get into the house because it's made of
solid oak. For my birthday I was told I could have the TV
of my choice (with in reason of course). I settled on this
48" Smart HDTV, and it was plenty because we sit about
10 feet away.  The two games Sunday were great!

I cut that cabinet in half and ended up with what you see
here. If you look closely you can see the original top is on
it. That top is solid oak 1 1/4 inches thick and made in a 
butcher block style. There's about 40 pieces 3/4 of and inch
thick all glued together ... AND HEAVY! I did not attach
the top this time so it can be moved in two pieces. There
are cleats that hold it in place. 

Thanks Mrs. Woodsterman! 


  1. years ago I bought an entertainment cabinet which is too small for the new TV. Had to cut some new slots

    Who would of thought huge flat screens would be common place. What's next, more than one tv in the house?

  2. Just wait a few more years, Odie. By then, you'll have to figure out how to move your beer in two pieces...

  3. Way cool. What a great birthday present. I can't believe how nice the smart televisions are. We just put one on our boat too.

    Have a fabulous day Odie. ☺

  4. I'm liking the new TV stand better. Progress isn't always bad. My carpenter husband has built TV stands for all of our big TVs and he can empathize with your hard work.

  5. Looks great, Odie. Does this mean your TV is smarter than my TV?? We put up a shelf on the wall and plunked the TV on it. I made a cloth cover so we didn't have a black screen staring at us.

    You cabinet is beautiful!

  6. BTDT.

    You did a much better job than I would ever have, but "There's about 40 pieces 3/4 of and inch
    thick all glued together ... AND HEAVY!", I understand completely.

    I hope Mrs Odie rewarded you commensurately.

    And I hope the 25 year old blonde in the bikini did not put you in intensive care.

  7. That looks just glorious, Odie. Brilliant re-work! I do a lot of oak work here, including a bunch of built-in cabinets and oak-lined closets, and the oak plywood is pretty stable, but the solid oak is really hard to keep from drying out and warping at this altitude (6000'). Yours still looks wonderful.

  8. Odie, great job! I've done a number of cabinet reworks in my tkme and it is always so nice when it turns out better than you imagined.

  9. I miss my woodworking these days. That said I can sit in the back yard and shoot squirrels---so all is not lost!

  10. GOODSTUFF, we already have three but only one HDTV Flat Screen.

  11. Sandee, I put two small ones in the motorhome myself. They're both AC-DC with built in DVD players.

  12. Cube, I'm normally not a big furniture building guy. My woodwork is usually much smaller. It wasn't easy getting it into the shop, but Mrs. Woodsterman and I were able to move the finished product in two pieces by ourselves ... YEA!

  13. Adrienne, ours is on so much we don't look at the blank screen.

  14. edutcher, Mrs. Odie was very generous with her praise.

  15. Grunt, wow, that puts us both at 6000'. We have a very dry climate here. I find giving the oak time to adjust before I use it helps.

  16. MadJack, I'm very happy with the way this turned out ... Thank You!

  17. Both the old and revised TV stand look beautiful. Gread job, Odie.


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