Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fuzzy Links

Well boys and girls, She's done it again. 
She has completely left me speechless.
As most of you know that's not easy. 
She wrote a letter to the great unwashed 
of Wall Street. I'm going to give you a 
teaser here with a link there, and I expect
you to use it.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Open Letter To #OWS "Revolutionaries"

Dear "Occupy" People,

This may come as a surprise to you, but when most people hear you, all we hear is a strange, alien shriek that starts with "No Fair!"  and ends with "Gimme!" 

We hear: "I made bad choices, didn't think things through, never even imagined that everything wouldn't go exactly as I wanted it to.  So now that I have student loans I signed for and can't pay back (because I can't find a job I think worthy of my awesomeness), I want someone else to pay."

LINK ...


  1. Odie,

    I am sure from what you posted thus far I agree to the umpteenth degree so I shall not link as there is no need.

    I was not old enough to know what was going on during Vietnam, but being a student of history I understand it now and the way I see it nothing has changed.

    Both politicians and academia are well F@#CKED UP!

    My question might be, well actually is; Does America have time to figure out my conclusion before it is too late?

  2. Fuzzy always has it nailed. And thanks for the bump the other day...Been kinda lazy.

  3. Christopher, most of the time I think so, but Obama won the last election. That puts the answer to your question somewhere in new territory. When 47 percent of this country has their hands out it gets scary out there.

  4. Randy, we all deserve lazy from time to time.

  5. Fuzzy, it's my pleasure. I'm always impressed by what you do at your place. I wish I had half your skill, but alas I went through the Los Angeles City School system.

  6. Thanks Odie~ I enjoyed your post Fuzzy Slippers

  7. I am bein an obedient girl and following the link as order...lmboooo happy Sunday my friend:)

  8. That was a fantastic post from Fuzzy. She is one smart cookie.

  9. WHT, you're going to love it and you know it.

  10. Teresa, Fuzzy cookies gives me a strange vision. yuk, yuk ... very smart.


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