Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why Boys Need Their Parents 3 ....

Don't be silly ... of course there's more.
We guys have bundles to show you.
I had to put my buddy somewhere while I shielded my eyes.
I have my escape route all picked out already.
I took care of all those hurts, Mommy.
 Where's your ..... ?


  1. Ha ha ha, they just keep getting funnier!
    I see you raided your family album for your baby pic on the last one, Odie!

  2. Here one you should have fun with.

  3. Bunni, you're so right. In fact I went from a "naughty" little boy to a "Dirty Old Man" ... and proud of it.

  4. Mal, thank you ... I'll check that nose-picker out.

  5. Christopher, there were so many back then. I think I used the same line with her as the others though ... "You show me yours and I'll show you mine."


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