Monday, September 13, 2010

Catapulting Watermelons


  1. Revenge from the Melon people.

    For many years, knights and their squires fought hard to wipe melons from the face of the earth. This was the turning point when melons fought back.

    It's the sort of momentous historical moment I expect from the Woodsterman.


  2. Damn that looked like it hurt!

    Talk about a backfire!

  3. LL, Damn I love and look forward to your comments. Thanks for the chuckle.

  4. Christopher, Like LL said, it's melons fighting back. She just got what she deserved.

  5. That HURT! It was funny as hell. Too bad it wasn't pelousy getting smacked.

    Odie, I love LL's & Christopher's comments too, they are great, as are yours!

  6. Thanks Bunnikins, we all love your "Pelousy" comments too.

  7. well, I think one by one we could put some pests in there. like Oblamer, Axelrude, and the others in the regime that are ruining our country

    bonks to all of you
    mom's been sick and koffing all over everything, so we have to be careful here. sick people are icky.


  8. There once was a lady named Helen
    Who tried to shoot a great melon.
    The catapult went twang
    The melon went bang
    When the pits hit her tits she was yellin'.

  9. Vive la revolution!!!!...

    Comrades of Soviet America....It's nice to see that your Dear Despot has a Good sence of fair play.

    What a Prick!!!

  10. Pierro, Set it up in Washington and let everyone take a shot ... not bad.

    I hope all get better your way.

  11. Sure, it's all fun and games until a watermelon puts your eye out.

  12. OK, and did they really have to show that over and over and over again? That even makes me cringe in pain.


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