Sunday, September 12, 2010

Obama's Picture

Still undecided where to put Obama's picture?

George Washington, our nation's first president 
and leader of the American Revolution!
Abe Lincoln, honorable leader pulled our 
nation through its darkest time!
Alexander Hamilton, founding father, first secretary of the 
treasury and leader of the Constitutional Convention!
Andrew Jackson, "Old Hickory " fought the 
British in New Orleans !
Ulysses Grant, Union army general, lead the 
North through the Civil War!
Ben Franklin, genius inventor, political theorist 
and leading author of the Constitution.

Finally, we have someone to put on the food stamp!!!!!!!

Obama's policies, by design, will put more people on 
welfare than any president before him so this placement 
is most appropriate. Unlike the Nobel Peace Prize, 
for which he did nothing, this is an "honor" he richly deserves.

Thanks John by way of A Daily Laugh (hat/tip)


  1. Saw a report this morning that we had the highest increase in people living in poverty on record!

  2. Righty, and those people will still probably vote for Pantload.

  3. Obama wanted more government-dependent voters. Good thing a number of them are newly-poor, and smart enough to blame him for their troubles. Obama should be punished for his destruction of our economy.
    While the economy burned, he fiddled with the healthcare system. Obamacare continues to poison the jobs market.

  4. Odie, Just last week I recieved this in an email and just like then as now I find it difficult to laugh as it speaks volumes to the destruction he has caused.

  5. GREAT POST!! Thanks for putting it up!!!

    Common Cents

  6. Opie, that qualifies him for the food stamp photo alright.

  7. You're right Christopher, but we need to talk ... you look a little funny lately.

  8. commoncents, it's one "just had to does".

  9. It simply sings to you doesn't it?

    I think it's time to put the president of hope and change on some sort of memorable document (suitable for framing).

    I have been wondering what we were going to do with Barry since it's traditional to build something and put the POTUS' photo or name on it.

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  11. Obama is truly deserving of this "honor". He is responsible for this economic debacle.

  12. Perfect choice for Obama. I am linking to you over at TCL FB.


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